4. Flucstrucs

This reflects the latest version which optionally splits the spectrum up into bands based on the strongest peaks.

4.1. Definitions

Shot: shot

time: The time of the mid point of the fluctuation found

SVS: The sigular values present in the FS, in the order of the SVS

freq: the dominant frequency of the fs

Amp: estimated amplitude (normalisation distorts this)

a12: the ratio a2/a1, the th relative strength of the second largest SV in the FS

p :

H: Entropy of the FS

frlow, frhigh: The range of the bandpass filter used to extract this if any. If no filter is used, frhigh= nyquist. If 1 band is used,

frhigh=0.98*nyquist so that the filter mask avoids aliasing.

cpkf: channel peaking factor - how much the peak channel exceeds the others

fpkf: frequency peaking factor - sim but freq

phases - actually nearest neighbour phases differences.