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Stjepan Marčelja
Honorary Professor


Microemulsions without conventional surfactants

Ternary solutions containing hydrotropes (small molecules that contain both hydrophilic and hydrophobic part) can solubilise the hydrophobic component in a form of disordered microemulsions. We studied in detail the example of water-ethanol-octanol and found that the balance between the hydration (or solvation) interaction between the domains and the entropy of dispersion determines the domain size. Typical domain size is 2 nm. See details in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 113, 4260 (2016).

Calculated and measured ocean surface
21st century change in ocean response to climate forcing

Improving on an earlier work in Ocean Science
, I can now relate global temperature forcing, land surface temperatures and ocean surface temperatures. The image shows ocean surface temperatures calculated from more rapidly rising land surface temperatures and the IPCC data on climate forcing. As it happened with all climate models, the comparison fails during the recent period of slower global warming. But with the present calculation the failure is no longer a mystery but can be attributed to a change in warming of the oceans at depths below 1000 m, which is not included in the model.

 Split, Croatia

From 2006 to 2010 I was a professor at the University of Split teaching during Spring semesters.

During the three years 2002-2004 I was the director of this institute in Zagreb, Croatia
Some of my reports or newspaper articles from this period (in Croatian language) are available here.

ublications, past work, general comments and references

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In the past, I worked in superconducting thin films [1], liquid crystals [2], biological membranes [3], signals in the visual cortex [4], electrical double layers [5] and climate change [6]. Most interesting examples are shown in the pages of past work. I am interested in describing and understanding natural phenomena in quantitative terms, and always like to hear a new question or challenge. Find me at the ANU in Canberra or send an email.  

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