Prof. Stephen Hyde


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Some publications

  1. "The Language of Shape", S.T. Hyde, S. Andersson, Z. Blum, S. Lidin, K. Larsson, T. Landh and B.W. Ninham, Elsevier Science B.V. (Amsterdam), 1997. (Reviewed in Nature, 387, p. 249, 1997.)
  2. S.T. Hyde and S. Ramsden, "Polycontinuous morphologies and interwoven helical networks", Europhysics Letters, 2000.
  3. S.T. Hyde, "Swelling and structure. Analysis of the topology and geometry of lamellar and sponge lyotropic mesophases", Langmuir, 13, 842-851, (1997).
  4. S.T. Hyde and M. O'Keeffe, "Elastic warping of graphitic carbon sheets: relative energies of some fullerenes, schwarzites and buckytubes", Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. A, 354, 1999-2008, (1996).
  5. S.T. Hyde, "Curvature and the global structure of interfaces in surfactant-water systems", J. Phys. (France), 51 (Colloque C-7, supplément au no. 23), 209-228, (1990).

Publication list

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Research interests

  • Differential geometry, topology and non-euclidean geometry of 2d surfaces, and applications to condensed atomic and molecular crystals and liquid crystals (Click here for some pages).
  • Self-assembly of molecular and macromolecular systems, including surfactants, lipids and block copolymers .
  • Biomineralisation and synthetic analogues.
  • Order/disorder in graphs and applications to porous/composite materials

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