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abstracts and available downloads of more recent papers (post 1999)

The subject matter falls into a few distinct areas (often with overlap):

Crystal networks in 3D euclidean space via 2D hyperbolic tilings

Biomorphs, biomineralisation

Periodic minimal surfaces: bi- and poly-continuous space partitions

"Hard" framework materials: Zeolites, Metallo-organic frameworks, Novel carbon nanofoam, etc.

Soft matter: Lyotropic liquid crystals, microemulsions, block copolymers

Networks and complex systems

Papers / invited book chapters:

T. Aste, T. Di Matteo and S.T. Hyde, "Complex networks on hyperbolic surfaces", Physica A, 346, pp. 20-26 (2005).

[Also available at LANL arXiv.]

T. Di Matteo, T. Aste, S. T. Hyde and S. Ramsden, "Interest rates hierarchical structure", Physica A, to appear (2005).

A. V. Rode, E. G. Gamaly, A. G. Christy, J. G. Fitz Gerald, S. T. Hyde, R. G. Elliman, B. Luther-Davies, A. I. Veinger, J. Androulakis, J. Giapintzakis, "Unconventional magnetism in all-carbon nanofoam", Phys Rev B 70, 054407 (2004).

[Also available at LANL archive.[See also comments in Nature Science Update, March 2004; Physics News Update (American Institute of Physics), No. 678, May 26 (2004); Physics Today, p. 9, March (2004); Physics World, p. 3, May (2004). Listed as a Top Physics Story for 2004 by the American Institute of Physics, Physics News electronic update, Dec. 2 2004.]

Vanessa Robins, Stuart Ramsden, S T Hyde , "Symmetry groups and reticulations of the hexagonal H surface", Physica A, 339, pp. 173-180 (2004).

[See also related comments in L'Actualité Chimique, janvier, pp. 19-23 (2004).]

[See also comments in Science (News of the Week), 302, 1134, 2003; see also New Scientist, 22 November, 14-15, 2003; Chemical & Engineering News,17 November, 58, 2003.]

[See also comment in Science, 291, 994-995, (2001).]


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Books, etc.:

"The Language of Shape", S.T. Hyde, S. Andersson, Z. Blum, S. Lidin, K. Larsson, T. Landh and B.W. Ninham, Elsevier Science B.V. (Amsterdam), 1997.

(Reviewed in Nature, 387, p. 249, 1997.)


Guest Editor, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physico-chemical Engineering Aspects, vols 129-130, 458 pp., (1997).


Guest Editor,Physica A, (Materials and Complexity volume), vol. 346, (2003).



(last updated December 4, 2004)