Learning Centre

This page overviews the Learning Centre. It is the place to start finding out more about special relativity. The mindmap gives an alternative overview. The tutorials discuss traditional relativistic concepts, such as time dilation, and include more cool movies.

You can tour the highlights of the Learning Centre by following the "Next page" links in the navigation menu.


What is the special theory of relativity, and what are the postulates it is founded on? What is special about relativistic optics?


  • Tutorial animations

    Accelerate down a desert road with various relativistic effects turned on progressively. Flying past and through a hollow cube shows dramatic relativistic aberration. Then find out how we made the animations.


Take a multiple choice quiz to check your understanding of relativity.
Two levels of difficulty available.

About Einstein

A brief biography, some quotations, and his special relativity papers.
Places to find out more about him.

Glossary and Formulae

Definitions of some of the technical words used in this site. Some of the maths used in special relativity.


We have provided links to a few web sites about special relativity and relativistic visual effects, brief descriptions of a few of the many books about special relativity, and a bibliography of the technical literature on relativistic visual effects.