VOLVO 850 and S40 Racing picture page - by Anthony Hyde, Australia

1994-95 England, 2 Litre, 5 cyl, Works 850 Sportswagons competing in the BTCC.
1995 Australia, the ex-1994 BTCC 850 Sportswagon was raced by Volvo Australia, driver Tony Scott.

1995 - Two TWR prepared Volvo 850's raced in the British Touring Car Championship

1996 - Australia's most famous racing driver, Peter Brock (05), drove this works 850 in the Australian Super Touring Championship against the dominant Audi's & BMWs. Later in 1996, Jim Richards (the rain master) drove the 850 at a Bathurst support event, giving Volvo their first Australian Super Touring victory. The 90's Volvo Dealer Racing Australia was managed by Queenslander, George Shepheard
(PIC courtesy of Volvo Magazine, Issue 26, 1997 at the Australian Grand Prix)

1997 Testing at Lakeside, QLD, prior to the Bathurst 1000 - (Car was 1996 Evo 3 TWR built 850)
(Pic courtesy of VMS and Mark Horsburgh)

1997 - Works TWR 850's at the AMP Bathurst 1000, Australia. (Pic Stuart Innes)
Driver pairs: Car 4 - with Jim Richards & Rickard Rydell, Car 8 with Cameron McLean & Jan Nilsson
The former
red 850 (car 8) is seen here in new colours. Car 4 finished 4th and car 8 finished 5th.

For 1988, the new S40 replaced the 850

1998 - Volvo Racing's glory year, the British Touring Car Championship - Volvo S40 - Thanks to driver Rickard Rydell & the TWR Team in Britain.
After the championship win, the entire TWR Team, including the BTCC winning car #98-001, was airlifted to Australia to compete in one of worlds premier motor racings events, the Bathurst 1000, in NSW.
After the exciting Australian Bathurst
win, it was mission accomplished, and the TWR team enjoyed a holiday down-under for a few weeks. The BTCC winning car stayed in Australia for another year 1999.

1998 - Sticker of Volvo's first Bathurst 1000 victory in Australia Drivers: Jim Richards & Rickard Rydell
S40 - Engine 5 cyl, 1998 cc, 300 hp @ 8,500 rpm, Gearbox: 6 speed TWR/Xtrac sequential.
In the 1998 Australian Super Touring Championship series, the S40 of Jim Richards came a very close 2nd, only 2 points behind the BMW M3 of Paul Morris. In the last few rounds, the Volvo team pulled out all stops to obtain the few extra points, both cars where neck and neck close.

1998 - Bathurst - tech Ross Williams consults the laptop on the 2nd Volvo entry (the Australian car)
Software - Pi Data System i(Pic courtesy of VCA, Mark Horsburgh)

1999 - Magnificent S40 racer (ex 1988 TWR BTCC car #98-001) at Bathurst (see huge airbox around throttle bodies) (Pic AH)
Volvo won the1999 Manufacturer's Cup In the BOC Gases Australian Super Touring Championship.

1999 Willowbank QLD Australia, Jim Richards S40 (exTWR BTCC car #98-001)
2000 - Volvo factory withdraws from British and Australian super touring championships after pressure from new owners FORD.


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