Pictures of Volvo Engine Swaps and Upgrades by Anthony Hyde. Updated August 2008
features Toyota Lexus V8 and 1JZ-GTE twin turbo, Volvo T6 twin turbo, Nissan RB30ET, Chev LS1, Ford 5.0L HO, P1800 Turbo

Toyota 'LEXUS V8' into a 1976 264 CHASSIS - (740 engine bay is far easier)

A high tech engine swap

ENGINE - Toyota Lexus 400 V8, all alloy, 4 litre, quad cam, 32 valves. Output is a stirring 260HP or 194 kW @ 5,400 rpm. Autronic engine management is employed. Major alloy sump modification is req'd to clear 240 crossmember.
Gearbox is Lexus auto, with gear selection controlled by button switches on either side of the steering wheel. Button switches were req'd, as the Lexus gearbox is also controlled by the engine computer and one was not available at the time.
After 4,000 rpm, I rated the performance as stinging. Fittment: Low and neat.

Owner: Erol Richardson in Canberra, Australia.(Update, engine sold)

HIGH TECH Lexus race Manifold by Erol Richardson, 2006
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Note custom slide throttle bodies and manifolding, custom low height profile valve covers
The gearbox adaptor converts Lexus to Reynard

(Pics A.Hyde)

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Toyota 1JZ-GTE twin turbo 6 into a 1979 244

Frank C from Sydney, Australia wanted the ultimate and went all the way sourcing a Toyota Soarer JZZ30 half cut containing the prize - a Toyota 1JZ-GTE twin turbo 6 cylinder engine, being an inline 2.5L, 24 valve double overhead cam. The car is RH drive. Gearbox is Toyota Supra R154, a heavy duty 5 speed being quite a bit heavier and larger than the popular Supra W55-58.

Volvo S80 T6
'Twin Turbo' fitment into a 244 CHASSIS

This fittment takes the cake (they must really know what their doing). Sourced from a Volvo S80, the high tech T6 'twin turbo' B6284T motor is Volvo's best to date. It features an all-alloy inline 6 cylinder of 2.8L, 24 valve DOHC, that in standard form produces 268 hp (200 kW) @ 5,400 rpm, with 380 Nm of torque across the range.


OR an alternate engine fitting see Volvo Adventures New Zealand.

The M90H 5 speed is the strongest Volvo makes, but quite rare outside of Europe. It has been adapted to fit the S80 T6 motor for this 244 fitment.

Volvo S80 T6 'Twin Turbo' motor into a 960 CHASSIS

Kenneth Löf in Sweden has fitted a straight six S80 twin turbo DOHC motor to his immaculate 960. Turbos are Garrett T20's.
What should be appreciated is the S80 engine is normally mounted east-west, and this is converted to the 960's north-south.
278kw (378hp) at 6400rpm, 480nm torque.

Nissan RB30ET into a 1979 242GT

RB30ET - 3 Litre, straight 6 Turbo engine, Garrett TB03
Engine source: Australian Holden Commodore VL model
Fittment: Nice - a top example
Owner: Gerry (from 'A Class' Parts)



Chev "F" body LS1 V8 engine into 760 chassis

Engine: 1998 Chevrolet LS1, auto from a Firebird, running with all electronics in complete OBD-2 trim.

Chassis: 1988 760

Owner: Mats Hedlund, Sweden <>

Link LS1 into 245 by Justin Wade

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Ford 5.0L HO V8 engine into 242 chassis

The Ford small block V8 into a 200/700/900 chassis is the most common swap in the USA. The conversion shown here was originally a Ross Converse kit. Michael Yount has developed it further.

1991 5.0L HO 270hp@4900; 330 lb-ft@3800; +270 lb-ft 1800 rpm-4900 rpm; 18-25 mpg

Ford Racing Performance Products (FRPP) Y303 aluminum heads; FRPP 65mm throttle body; FRPP King Cobra clutch; FRPP T-5Z transmission with B&M shifter; FRPP oil cooler; FRPP Cobra-style 1.7 roller rockers; FRPP coil; FRPP ceramic coated shorty headers; Explorer intake manifold; Pro M 73mm maf; custom cold air intake box w/K&N filter; '93 Cobra valve covers; custom dual 2.5" exhaust w/replica OEM Boss 429; 3.73 Turbo Volvo wagon rear end with TrueTrac Torsen-type limited slip differential; aftermarket Brembo vented front rotors with factory 4-piston calipers, IPD springs, sways and braces.

Owner: Michael Yount, Knoxville, TN, USA

'Twin turbo' Ford 5.0L HO - Click for bigger pic

(Australia) Holden 304 5L EFI V8 engine into 242 chassis

Engine: Holden 304 5L EFI V8 engine/auto box into the 242, mainly to make it a better tow car.

Near perfect presentation for this daily driver.

Owner: Ilija, (A Class Automotive) Sydney, Australia

Ilija also builds custom turbo manifolds and intercoolers for the 240 turbo engines

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Volvo - B200 engine from a 240/360 fitted into a 142 chassis

Engine: B200 bottom end mated to a 242GT alloy crossflow head with 'H' cam. 240 K-Jet mechanical fuel injection system replaced carburettors. The B200 replaces the 'all cast iron' B20.

Special: This modified B200 sits upright, in the same position as a B20 !
Background - The old cast steel B20 engine sits upright, so when fitting a normally layed over 240 / 360 engine, its best if the new engine also sits upright.

To fit the more modern B200 into a 140 series engine bay, Gareth bolted up the original B20 sump, being required to clear the crossmember. Custom engine mount brackets were required. Extractors easily clear steering shaft.
5 speed gearbox, clutch assembly & bellhousing is M47 fittment. The rear crossmember requires modification & the tailshaft first section requires shortening.

Owner: Gareth Trudgeon and Braham Tindale, Newcastle, Australia

This Volvo turbo dragmotor reportably puts out 700hp. The engine is 4 cylinder, based on a B23 block and features a 16 valve head.

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