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Created February 2003. Last update 4/2008 AH.
Research by Anthony Hyde (Australia), with assistance from Peggan Andersson
, (Sweden) & others

1986 Volvo Dealer Team Europe: (Managed by RAS Sport, Belgium) at Estoril, Portugal. (Pic VMS)
From left: Bo Wikås (VMS), Hans-Åke Söderqvist (SRS - Söderqvist Racing Service), Henry Lotterer (RAS);
Drivers: Anders Olofsson (Dec. 08), Ulf Granberg, Thomas Lindström, Johnny Cecotto and on end John Wickham (Team manager), missing Robert Rienfield (Deputy team manager).

European Touring Car Championship (
ETCC), and from 1987 a number of circuits for rounds of the World Touring Championship (WTCC)
1982 First attempt on ETCC at Silverstone, GB with a Volvo Turbo Cup car (a Swedish one make series car). Drivers were Greger Pettersson, Anders Olofsson and Per-Gunnar (Peggen) Andersson
1983 ETCC rounds with privateers TL Racing - Thomas Lindström & Anders Olofsson; Kvist - Robert Kvist and various drivers; IPS - Ingmar Persson & Per Sturesson (Persson now runing Persson Motorsport in DTM). Greger Pettersson & Peggen Andersson
1984 Belgium Volvo Dealer Team ran by GTM Engineering, drivers Michel Delcourt & Pierre Dieudonné; Magnum Racing (Swe) owned by Lillen Magnusson and managed by Mats Magnusson, drivers Ulf Granberg, Anders Olofsson, Ingvar Carlsson; TL Racing (Swe) with Thomas Lindström
Click to view Summary of 1984 Volvo ETC results
1st place in the 1985 ETCC ! Volvo Dealer Team Europe - Team Eggenberger, managed by Rudi Eggenberger (Swiss), Drivers: Thomas Lindström, Gianfranco Brancatelli, Sigfrid Müller, Pierre Dieudonné. Magnum Racing Ulf Granberg
1986 Volvo Dealer Team Europe (Managed by RAS Sport, Belgium), Drivers: Thomas Lindström (Sweden), Ulf Granberg (Sweden), Johnny Cecotto (Venezuela), Anders Olofsson, Peggen Andersson (Sweden) and Mauro Baldi
1987 Volvo officially withdraws from Motorsport. Privateer teams still competed around the globe (details on this page). In Europe SRS (Söderqvist Racing Service) raced a 240T in rounds of the ETCC with Italain drivers Giorgio Cipolli & Bruno Corradi. SRS owners Christer Simonsen & Kurt Simonsen (Sweden) also entered their cars in the World Touring Championship (WTC) and raced in a few rounds. The Anderstorp 500 Endurance race featured drivers Ulf Granberg & Peggen Andersson, and, Per Sturesson & Anders Lindberg.


LEFT PIC - Anderstorp, Sweden 1985 - Headline - Swedish success -
Gianfranco Brancatelli and Thomas Lindstrom ended the run of Rover Vitesse victories in the European Touring Car Championship, taking their Eggenberger Volvo 240 Turbo to its first win of the year in front of an appreciative Swedish crowd at Anderstorp.
Source: AUTOSPORT, May 1985

1983 Nordic Touring Car Championship - TL Racing with Thomas Lindström
1986 Nordic Touring Car Champion Peggen Andersson
1987 Swedish Touring Car Champion Peggen Andersson


1987 1st Finnish Touring Car Championship, Driver Leif Wiik (dec)


German Touring Car Championship, DTM (Deuche Tourenwagen Meisterchaft)
1985 1st DTM, Driver: Per Sturesson (also well placed in 1986, 87)
1985-1987 Volvo DTM drivers: Peggen Andersson (S), Per Sturesson, Heinz-Friedrich Peil, Peter Kroeber, Holger Bean

(Pic VMS) 1986 - Anders Olofsson (Sweden), Ulf Granberg (Sweden), Johnny Cecotto (Venezuela), Thomas Lindström (Sweden)

Australian Touring Car Championship
Mark Petch Motorsport - Team Owner: Mark Petch (NZ), Driver: Robbie Francevic (NZ)
1986 1st ATCC - Australian Touring Car Championship
Mark Petch Motorsport - Driver: Robbie Francevic (for the first two championship rounds), then sold to AVDT
Australian Volvo Dealer Team
AVDT - Drivers: Robbie Francevic (NZ) and John Bowe (Aust). Also two rounds of the Endurance Championship.

1986 James Hardie 1000, at Bathurst, NSW - Two AVDT RH drive GpA 240T's were entered in this classic endurance race as detailed below:

Bathurst # Car 44 (240 RXT, RH-drive) virtually a new car built-up in Australia during 1986 using imported parts with the latest 1986 evolution / homologation specification. This car only raced in two Endurance events, late in the year 1986, the Castrol 500 at Sandown, and the James Hardie 1000 at Bathurst.

Bathurst & Sandown drivers were John Bowe teamed with popular Australian ex F5000 racer Alfredo Costanzo.

Bathurst # Car 42 (ex RAS Sport T car, the first and only Belgian RAS car built in RHD).
[Note: The 'number 42' was used for the James Hardie 1000 Bathurst 1986 only, running mostly as car *10 in the Australian Touring Car Championship, plus car 4 at Adelaide & Wanneroo rounds.]

Bathurst & Sandown Drivers': Neville Crichton (NZ) and Graham McRae. The Bathurst round was included in the 1986 Endurance Championship, so Crichton and McRae both scored 10 points each in the endurance championship.
- The older (ex Petch) AVDT (LH drive) car was used as a driver familiarisation T car at Bathurst.

1986 Sidenote: Former lead Volvo driver Robbie Francevic (1986 ATCC champion) had left the Volvo team by October, and instead drove a Ford Sierra Turbo for the Petch Team at Bathurst 86.

Bathurst pitstop - Australia 1986
From photo:
On wheel is Geoff Cherry, (brother John also worked for the team)
On airjack is Mort Brown

John Sheppard - AVDT Australian Team Manager

Wayne Eckersley - Team Engineer (Petch team from May 85, finishes AVDT in Aug 86)

NEW ZEALAND - 240T's raced in NZ on a number of occasions:
1985 1st Nissan Sport 500 Wellington street races - Robbie Francevic, Michel Delcourt
1986 Nissan 500 Wellington street races - Robbie Francevic / Thomas Lindström (ret) ; Peggen Andersson / Dave McMillan (3rd place)
1986 South Pacific Touring Car Championship - 3 races in the Simpson Touring Car Series (Manfield, Bay Park, Pukekohe) with drivers Peggen Andersson and Garry Croft
1987 January 25 - Nissan-Mobil 500 on the Wellington street circuit. SRS U-Bix car Peggen Andersson / Gary Croft. Qual 7th (ret accident). YouTube highlights link
1987 October 26 - Nissan-Mobil 500 in Wellington hosted WTCC Round 10 - SRS Team (Söderqvist Racing Services, Sweden) ran two cars 1. Stig Blomqvist / Ulf Granberg (13th), 2nd car Peggen Andersson / Ian (Inky) Tulloch, NZ (ret).

Stig Blomqvist / Ulf Granberg in Wellington NZ - SRS U-Bix copiers Team
Macau Island, famous 6.2km Guia circuit
1985 1st Gianfranco Brancatelli, Eggenberger Volvo 240 Turbo
1986 1st Johnny Cecotto (Venezuela) RAS SPORT VMS 240RXT, 2nd Rover, 3rd Thomas Lindström RAS SPORT VMS 240RXT

1987, 1988 1st Thailand Touring Car Championship - Peggen Andersson

1987, 1988 1st Malaysian Touring Car Championship, Penang.

JAPAN - Fuji 500
1985 All Japan Touring Car Championship Round 5 Fuji Speedway 10 November 1985: 1st Car 21 Sigi Muller Jr. /Pierre Dieudonne - Volvo 240Turbo, 2nd Car 20 Thomas Lindström /Gianfranco Brancatelli - Volvo 240Turbo. Pole position: Thomas Lindström /Gianfranco Brancatelli Volvo 240Turbo
1st Johnny Cecotto and Anders Olofsson RAS SPORT VMS 240RXT (November 1986)
1987 WTC Round 11 - Team Le Mans - Robert Kvist and Peggen Andersson. SRS Team - Ulf Granberg, Ian Tulloch, NZ

Road registered GpA 240 Turbo
Owner: Pelle N, Sweden (Bought 1995)

*Originaly built by SRS and Zacco motorsport 1989 *17"x9" Speedline C-bolt wheels *AP 315 front brakes, 305 rear brakes *Eggenberger front suspension *Bilstein shocks front/rear *1031 Aluminum VMS rear axel *M30 dana lsd *3,54:1 diff ratio *Getrag motorsport 5 speed gearbox *AP 215mm clutch *B230 ETAL engine *Grottis/VMS Cylinder head *Aluminum bonnets *Thin glass windows *Plastic headlights *Rubi aluminum rollcage
(Photo by Hast)

(Pic VMS archive)