VOLVO ENGINE PICS & early Turbo information by Anthony Hyde


Looking closely at this 1983 European 760 B23ET Volvo Turbo display engine you might notice features not found on later USA (B23FT), or Australian (B23ET) 760/740 models.

Attached to manifold throttle body is a round cast 'air inlet hat' - this first featured on the non intercooled 1981-83 240 B21 ET/FT engines; Notice the intercooler with metal end tanks instead of plastic; A compressor relief valve vent-pipe located just after the intercooler that leads back to turbo compressor inlet; This early model featured Motronic L-Jet EFI.
Compression 9.0:1 (for leaded fuel) Power 170 hp(127 kw)@5,700 rpm, Torque 184 ft/lb(250 Nm)@3,400 rpm.

Manual gearbox in the picture is Volvo M45 for show purposes. Production turbo models used a beefed up M46 with 'D' Laycock overdrive.

B5254 all alloy engine, 1993 onwards - 5 cylinder, 10 or later 20 valve twin cam head,. Turbo version was B5234T

The first B21ET 1981 (non intercooler) Pic from Volvo manual New Car Features, 1981

B230FT Turbo (740/940)
4 cylinders, 2.3 litres, 8.7:1 comp

Beautiful B20 with Turbo+Weber = high hp

EARLY aftermarket 'TURBO KIT ' VOLVO ENGINES ~ 1976-1980
(GIK Turboteknik are aftermarket turbo specialists from Sweden - )

B21A with GIK Turbo Kit

B20 with GIK Turbo Kit

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