QUICK Technical Index - All articles written and researched by Anthony Hyde in Australia
# = Detailed Article


# Volvo 16 VALVE CYLINDER HEAD plus Engines, Manifolds - 3 big pages of information and pictures
# Volvo 8 VALVE CYLINDER HEAD - the 531 vs 530 - B230ET, B230FT
# Porsche/Bosch Blow off Valve or Compressor Bypass valve - Bosch 'CBV' valve comparison
# Bosch High Flow Fuel INJECTOR - Bosch injector # 028050403 403 & 400 models @ 503 cc/min
IN-TANK FUEL PUMP & external FUEL SWIRLPOT to suit 240
Garrett TURBO plus Lotus housing - info and pictures
Volvo 8V TURBO EXHAUST manifolds plus custom made units info and pictures
INLET MANIFOLD B230 port and polish - 60 hours of detailing, both inside and out
Volvo Factory INTERCOOLER - Pictures & Information
# CUSTOM INTERCOOLER - Custom made by HYDE with Pictures & Information
# HALL SENSOR and TIMING TRIGGER WHEEL SETUP - HOME (Sync) and MAIN (Ref) signals - Description of Events, trigger wheel, GT101 sensor
DIRECT FIRE IGNITION - the ultimate ignition setup for a Volvo B230 Turbo engine
OIL SQUIRTER Pics B230FT Piston cooling oil sprays
# Volvo Turbo ENGINE CONVERSION issues - Insights into installing a B23/230 ET/FT engine into a 240, Supercharger, many issues discussed
Volvo TURBO Engine Output - ALL turbo models - HP, kW, Nm - factory / magazine specs
B230 Engine block & ancillaries - summary of changes between eras
Camshaft comparison - IPD turbo cam vs VX3 cam includes full listing of Volvo valve shims
DYNO results for modified 1994 B230FT - standard internals including 530 head, cam changed, extensive external & computer changes


# LIMITED SLIP DIFFERENTIAL Volvo / Dana 30 LSD - PLUS Information on 240 Volvo DIFFERENTIALS the 1030 and 1031 - loads of information, popular webpage
# Supra 5 SPEED to Volvo CONVERSION - popular page with detailed descriptions of fittment issues140,240,740,940
GEARBOX ratios compared - Volvo M46, M47, M90, Getrag M51, 262CR, 265, Supra W55, W59, W58
GETRAG M51 in Volvo Information - pictures of M51, bellhousing, concentric clutch actuator
# Volvo CLUTCH & FLYWHEEL INFORMATION 9 1/2" Upgrade - B21-230, good reference page for flywheels
Tailshaft CENTRE BEARING HOUSING Upgrade - fitting a quality 740 unit to replace wobbly 240 unit
FLYWHEEL types - B21-B230 - Flat - Stepped - 58 teeth 2 missing (same webpage LINK as Clutch upgrade)


# Volvo 240 SPORTS HANDLING- detailed article
240 Steering rack evolution - Cam gears and TRW
NEW Article describing modifing the 'rear fender outer edge' to create wide wheel clearance
Wheel weights 240/740/940- Unique list of alloy rim weights, sizes and offsets
Disc Rotor Comparison - clear diagram & wording shows the design path Volvo made to 240/740/940 rotors
ATE Atomic Power DISC BRAKE Rotors
Wheel Offset measurement & wheel Spacer info
Light Weight BUMPER and Front Spoiler
COIL SPRING RATE conversion chart - lbf/in to N/mm


# GROUP A 240T Volvo Specifications - comprehensive & accurate listing- 1st Volvo GpA specification page on internet
R-SPORT Volvo catalog 200/700 series - unique listing of Volvo sport components
Weight Savings and Gains - some thoughts

Gerry Lister - Historic Racing 142 V8


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