Volvo 240 STEERING - Cam Gears and TRW
Photos & page by Anthony Hyde
First release June 2009, Updated July 2011

Volvo's from 240's onwards use a Rack & Pinion steering system. Most are hydraulic 'power steer' but in the 70 to early 80's manual steering racks were common. In a lot of world markets, power steering was an Optional extra, much like air conditioning.




CAM GEARS symbol cast into racks is the ultimate identification

sometime in the mid 1980s

ZF Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen AG

Cam Gear, a UK manufacturer made 'rack and pinion' steering racks for Volvo 240s & other Volvo odels. The steering information below applies to the 240.
Volvo 140 uses a completely different steering system, manual steer being 'worm & roller', & Pwr steer 'ball nut' type.

For simplicity I'll term the evolution CG1, CG2 onwards.

* CG1 - Cast iron, approx. 1975-77. Very heavy.

* CG2 - Half cast iron and half aluminium alloy. From approx 1978-81. Weight = 8.5 kg

* CG3 - Aluminium alloy with steel tube sleeve approx. 1982-86
TRW buys Cam Gears Ltd
* TRW - Aluminium alloy with steel sleeve over centre tube, 1988 onward. Weight = 6 kg

Although production of the 240 ended in 1993, spare parts production continued. The newest 240 rack I have seen is TRW 1996, bought through the Volvo Dealer exchange system. A system where your old rack was replaced with a brand new one - new from one tie rod end to the other. For the 240, this exchange scheme has now ceased.
All pics below are right hand steer versions (UK, Australia, NZ, Japan, South Africa)
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CG2 - CamGear symbol very evident - 1979 era


CG3 - CamGear symbol on far right
1984 manufactured rack (fitted to 1985 model) 


CG3 front, CG2 at rear
Pic compares the old 1981 (rear) and the newer 1984 Cam gears racks.
The add on top CG2 power steer valve body is replaced with an intergrated system.

TRW - note small TRW symbol opposite one of the banjo hose bolts
Quality Cast Alloy rack with steel tube sleeve is found from year 1988 onwards.
Pic shows a late 1996 version.
The round casting at the front holds a black plastic locking plug for pre-tensioning the piston (rather than shims on CamGear versions 1-3), and at the bottom a pressed steel dome seals the shaft axial end.

TRW (rear view)
This is the lightest Volvo rack = 6 kg. First rate casting quality.
The Volvo # for RHD is 3516942, LHD is #..... a.TRW number 3400....



Link to 240 Camgear Parts Identification

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ZF Left Hand Drive

ZF Type 1 (80 242GT) 3.5 turns lock to lock, 2.5 possible

ZF Pics courtesy of Mike Mueller (USA)

ZF Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen AG

Type 1 = 7840955103 on tag above Type 2 = n/a Type 3 = 7832955106

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