Custom made Turbo Exhaust Manifold for 16V and 8V Volvo Turbo
Photos & page by Anthony Hyde

740 Turbo owned by Richard (Dick) Prince.(racecar Sold 2007)
Manifold construction by Scott Flemming -
REV Doctor Motorsport, Hornsby, Sydney, Australia

Turbo Exhaust Manifold

Garrett Turbo is positioned very low in the 740 engine bay - RH Drive.

Each runner is 17" equal length. The effort and initiative have been clearly worthwhile. Richard reports the engine now makes power all the way to 6,700rpm, whereas the factory (2 litre) 16V turbo manifold became restrictive after 5,000 rpm.

It was originally thought the limitation was the mandatory for racing (36mm) inlet restrictor coming into play from 5,000rpm, but we now know it was the OEM manifolds characteristics.

Engine: 4 cylinder 2.3 litre B230FT with 16V head, Autronic engine management - 740 engine bay

Race Class - Improved Production, over 2 Litre

Engine Output is close to 250 hp at the rear wheels.

Brake fluid reservoirs are AP racing

Behind the 4th pipe header is a red coloured steering shaft knuckle joint RH Drive.

Garrett Turbo sits nice and low for better weight distribution.

This picture clearly shows the unusal Volvo OEM turbo exhaust manifold sourced from the 2 litre B204FT / B204GT.

16V B204 exhaust manifold is #351 4465 (740 B204GT 88~90 / 940 B204FT 1991~), Heat shield to suit is #351 4493

The 16V turbo I heard running had an unusual exhaust note, and the long #1 runner could be the reason.

For Right Hand drive 740/940 16V Turbo conversions, the manifold is a problem as the turbo sits a long way back, placing it way too close the steering rod, hence rod positioning mods are req'd.
Fitting a 16Valve engine into a RH drive 240 is a serious issue and would require a custom built exhaust manifold, plus a number of additional changes as the engine bay is smaller than the 740/940.

 (photo courtesy of MVP website, thanks Peter)

Pre cut flanges to suit the 16V are available, steam pipe joints is a strong method for the do-it-yourself fabricator


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