Trond Varslot,


I was awarded the degree of Doctor Ingeniør (PhD) from the Department of Mathematics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2005 for work on acoustic beam forming in medical ultrasound imaging.

My research domain intersects areas as diverse as clinical medicine, geophysics, remote sensing, and materials testing. A common theme for most of my work is its connection to imaging, or more generally to inverse problems.

A list of proposed research projects at Honours, Masters or PhD level can be found here.


ultrasoundimage Development of a theoretical framework, and a numerical simulation package for analysing aberration correction. The simulation package, Abersim, is available under a GPL license. More recent work includes analysis of acoustic beam forming for finite-amplitude waves, and acoustic tomography for quantitative imaging of large-scale high-contrast objects.


Development of a radar image reconstruction method for optimal utility of multiple, sparsely distributed transmitters and receivers, as well as a waveform preconditioning approach to generate clutter-rejecting waveforms for such arrays.


coreimage Large-scale 3D image registration, and reconstruction techniques for X-ray micro-CT using cone-beam projections from non-ideal trajectories. Software for both of these tasks is now part of the Mango software suite.