Toen Castle's publications

This page records most of my publications from my time as a PhD student at the Australian National University (Stephen Hyde's group in the Dept. Applied Maths) and a post-doc at Stockholm University (Osamu Terasaki's group in the Materials and Environmental Chemistry department). It is not my intention to actively maintain this page as a record of my publications, services such as Google Scholar can do that better than I can. I will however link to some of my work that is difficult to find elsewhere.

1. Ravels: knot free but not free. Novel entanglements of graphs in 3-space. (with Myf and Stephen)

  New Journal of Chemistry, 32:9:September 2008:1457-1644

2. All toroidal embeddings of polyhedral graphs in 3-space are chiral. (with Myf and Stephen)

  New Journal of Chemistry, 33:10:October 2009

  BONUS WEB RESOURCE: A cute animation I made for the chirality paper, but which more generally shows how a 2-periodic surface can 'roll up' onto a torus.

3. Tangled Platonic Polyhedra . This is Chapter Two from my PhD thesis, dealing with the construction of tangled polyhedra. It will be published as joint work with Vanessa and Stephen sometime around October 2013.

4. Probably won't be published because Myf (the first author) outgrew this work before we got around to publishing: a draft of the paper that follows on from the "ravels" paper.

5. Bicontinuous Cubic Mesoporous Materials with Biphasic Structures

  Garcia-Bennett, A. E., Xiao, C., Zhou, C., Castle, T., Miyasaka, K. and Terasaki, O. (2011), Chemistry - A European Journal, 17: 13510 - 13516.

6. Shape- and Size-Controlled Synthesis in Hard Templates: Sophisticated Chemical Reduction for Mesoporous Monocrystalline Platinum Nanoparticles

  J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2011, 133 (37), pp 14526 - 14529

7. Entanglement of embedded graphs

  Toen Castle, Myfanwy E. Evans and Stephen T. Hyde   Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement No. 191, 2011   Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics and The Physical Society of Japan

8. Trading spaces: building three-dimensional nets from two-dimensional tilings

  Toen Castle, Myfanwy E. Evans, Stephen T. Hyde*, Stuart Ramsden and Vanessa Robins   Interface Focus doi:10.1098/rsfs.2011.0115  

photo of me:

Me, posing instead of belaying responsibly, at Point Perpendicular. Before I lost my sun glasses.