Rod W. Boswell
The Story

Rod W. Boswell was born in 1932 in Yackandanda.

After taking his BSc at the university of Adelaide, he completed a PhD at Flinders University and established a small but well-known printing concern specialising in New Age publications.

He then embarked on the Grand Tour of Europe

stopping at Sussex, Eidhoven, Munich and Orleans mastering many languages en passant.

Eventually settling at the Australian National University, he established a dynamic young group of physicists

specialising in almost every aspect of plasma physics

He now frequently travels the world in order to enrich his storehouse of knowledge and keep abreast of foreign activities...

Rod's international reknown also attracts many foreign visitors to the lab, providing a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere in which fundamental, ground-breaking research can take place.

Although his first love is physics, Rod also has a profound fascination for the natural sciences and likes nothing better than spend time outdoors with his animal friends .


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