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Coherence imaging


High-speed high-resolution plasma spectroscopy using spatial-multiplex coherence imaging techniques (Invited)

J. Howard, Rev. Sci. Instrum. (Accepted 2006)

Application of birefringent interferometers for Thomson scattering

J. Howard, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion, 48, 777-787

Time resolved coherence-imaging spectrometer on WEGA Stellarator,

J. Chung, R. Konig, J. Howard, M. Otte and T. Klinger, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 47 919-940 (2005)

Time-resolved 2-d plasma spectroscopy using coherence imaging techniques, 

J. Howard, C. Michael, F. Glass and A. Danielsson,   Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, Vol 45, 1143-1166 (2003)

 A coherence-imaging approach to time-resolved charge exchange recombination spectroscopy in high temperature plasma,

J. Howard, L. Carraro, M.E. Puiatti, F. Sattin, P. Scarin, M.Valisa,  B.Zaniol, R. Konig,  J. Chung,  Review of Scientific Instruments, 74, 2060-2063 (2003)

Electrooptically modulated polarizing Fourier transform spectrometer for plasma spectroscopy applications.

J. Howard Appl. Opt.-OT Vol 41, 197-208 (2002)

Optical coherence techniques for plasma spectroscopy (invited)

J. Howard, C. Michael, F. Glass and A. Cheetham,  Review of Scientific Instruments Vol 72, 888-897, (2001)

 The MOSS Camera on H-1NF

C. A. Michael, J. Howard and B.D. Blackwell Rev. Sci. Instrum. Vol 72,  1034-1037, (2001)

Optical coherence-based techniques for motional Stark effect measurements of magnetic field pitch angle

J. Howard, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion Vol 41, 271-284, (1999)

Modulated optical solid-state spectrometer applications in plasma diagnostics,

J. Howard  Rev. Sci. Instrum. Vol 70, 368-371,(1999)

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Physics of plasmas


Measurements and modeling of ion and neutral distribution functions in a partially ionized magnetically confined argon plasma,

C. A. Michael and J. Howard and B. D. Blackwell,   Physics of Plasmas 75,  4180-4182, (2004)

Fluctuations and stability of plasmas in the H-1NF heliac,

J.H. Harris, M. G. Shats, B.D. Blackwell, W. Solomon, S D.G. Pretty, S. Collis, J. Howard, H. Xia, C. Michael, H. Punzmann, Nuclear Fusion, 44, 279-286 (2004)

Studies of resonantly produced plasmas in the H-1NF heliac plasmas using a far-infrared scanning interferometer

S. Collis, J. Howard, B.D. Blackwell,  D.G. Pretty, J.H. Harris,  Rev. Sci. Instrum., 74, 1629-1632 (2003)


Cold Bubble Formation During Density Limit Disruptions

J. Howard and M.P. Persson, Nuclear Fusion, Vol 32 361-377 (1992)



Improved particle confinement mode in low-temperature plasma in H-1 heliac,

M. G. Shats, D. L. Rudakov, B. D. Blackwell G. B. Borg, R. L. Dewar, J. Howard and L. E. Sharp, Phys. Rev. Lett. Vol 77, (1996) 4190-4193

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Tomography and inverse methods


 Visible emission tomography in the H-1NF heliac

  F. Glass, J. Howard and B. Blackwell,  IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 33 472-473 (2005)

High resolution tomographic imaging of vacuum magnetic surfaces in the H-1 heliac,

B.D. Blackwell,  R. B.Tumlos and J. Howard,  Rev. Sci. Instrum. Vol 68, 388-391 (1997)

Vector Tomography Applications in Plasma Diagnostics,

J. Howard,   Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion Vol 38, 489-503 (1996)

  High Resolution 3-D Tomography Using Ion Beams,

M. Cholewa, G.J.F. Legge, A. Saint, J. Howard and D. Whitehouse,  Annales de Chimie, Vol 19 pp245-256 (1994)

Diffraction Analysis of Forward Angle Scattering in Plasmas,

J. Howard and L.E. Sharp,  Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion. 34, (1992) 1133-56.

 Laser Probing of Weakly-fluctuating Random Media,

 J. Howard,  J. Opt. Soc. Am. A,  Vol 8 1955-1963 (1991)

 Tomography and Reliable Information,

J. Howard,  J. Opt. Soc. Am., A, Vol 5, (1988) 999-1014

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Interferometry and polarimetry


 Electronically swept millimetre-wave interferometer for spatially resolved measurement of plasma electron density

J. Howard and D. Oliver, Accepted, Appl Opt., (2006)

 A three-dimensional Gaussian-beam ray-tracing program for designing interferometer/polarimeter plasma diagnostics

G. B. Warr and J. Howard  Rev. Sci. Instrum. Vol 72,  2305-2309, (2001)

 Faraday rotation measurements on compact helical system by using a phase sensitive heterodyne polarimeter,

K. Tanaka, K. Kawahata, A. Ejiri and CHS Group, J. Howard, S. Okajima.  Rev. Sci. Instrum. Vol 70, 730-733 (1999)

 The multi-channel triple-laser interferometer/polarimeter system at RTP,

J. H. Rommers,  J. Howard, A.J.H. Donn'e and F.A. Karelse,  Rev. Sci. Instrum. Vol 68, 1217-1226 (1997)

 First results with the triple-laser polarimeter system at RTP,

J. H. Rommers,  J. Howard, F. Karelse, A.J.H. Donn'e and RTP Team, Fusion Eng. and Design Vol 34-35, 495-499 (1997)

 First results from the three view far-infrared interferometer for the H1 heliac,

G. B. Warr, J. Howard and L. E. Sharp,  Fusion Eng. and Design Vol 34-35, 387-391 (1997)

 A new scheme for heterodyne polarimetry with high temporal resolution,

  J. Rommers and J. Howard, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion Vol 38, (1996) 1805-1816

 Quadrature Polarimetry for Plasma Faraday Rotation Measurements

J. Howard,  Rev. Sci. Instrum. Vol 66, 383-385 (1995)

 Multi-channel Interferometry Using High Order Rotating Diffraction Gratings,

J. Howard, P. Dodds and G.B. Warr,   Rev. Sci. Instrum. Vol 63 4965-4967 (1992)

Multi-order Rotating Grating Interferometer,

J. Howard, Appl. Opt. Vol 31 1419-25 (1992)

 Application of Diffraction Tomography to Plasma Density Measurements (Invited),

J. Howard, W.A. Peebles, D.L. Brower, S.K. Kim and N.C. Luhmann Jr. Rev. Sci. Instrum. Vol 61 2829-2833 (1990)

 Novel Scanning Interferometer for Two-dimensional Plasma Density Measurements,

 J. Howard  Rev. Sci. Instrum. Vol 61 1086-1094 (1990)

   A new Multi-Channel Heterodyne Polarimeter for Plasma Current and Electron Density Measurements,

J. Howard  Infrared Physics Vol 34 175-189 (1993)

 Quadrature Sampling Phase Detection,

J. Howard and H. P. Landgraf  Rev. Sci. Instrum. Vol 65 2130-2133 (1994)

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Patents and Industrial applications


"See the light - know the temperature"

Featured article in Science-wise - a monthly newsletter produced by the Science and Engineering National Institutes at ANU

  Measurement of Brightness, Flow Velocity and Temperature of Radiant Media.    

US Patent No 6462826 (2002)

  Method and apparatus for the estimation of the temperature of a blackbody radiator.   

US patent #7001068 (21-2-2006), Aust. Patent No. 2002335918 (2005)

  Multi-coherence imaging using polarization optics and spatio-temporal multiplex method,  

Provisional patent filed (2005)

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 Determination of electron temperature from spectral line intensity decay for radiation dominated plasmas

 C. A. Michael and J. Howard,  Rev. Sci. Instrum. 11,  4008-4017, (2004)

 Comparison of hollow cathode and Penning discharges for metastable He production,

 D. Andruczyk, P.X. Feng, B.W. James and J. Howard  Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. Vol 11,  426-430, (2002)

   High Resolution Microanalysis Using a Scanning Proton Microprobe,

M. Cholewa, A. Saint, S. Prawer, J.S. Laird, G. J. F. Legge, S-A. Stuart and J. Howard,  Nucl. Instrum and Meth. Vol B89 157-163 (1994)

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