Web Sites

The following web sites are related to special relativity. Links were correct as of March 2005. Updated links are available on the web. All the links on this page are to external sites, so a web connection is needed.

Special relativity

Wikipedia entry on special relativity.

Relativity: the Special and General Theory by Albert Einstein. Project Gutenburg online book.

The Light Cone. See especially the "visualising proper time with light clocks" movies.

Relativistic Visualisation

Backlight is the software used to produce the "Through Einstein's Eyes" movies.

Web site of D. Weiskopf at the University of Tubingen. Contains technical reports and conference papers, and an image gallery.

Space Time Travel. Special and general relativistic visualisation. Movies, images, and explanations.


Einstein - Image and Impact. American Institute of Physics online exhibit.

Short biography, including photos and an extensive bibilography, from the University of St. Andrews.

Gallery of Einstein pictures.

Albert Einstein Archives. Jewish National and University Library, Hebrew University.

Time Magazine's person of the Century. Includes photo essay.

Einstein revealed. Comprehensive web site for a US documentary.

Einstein's FBI files. Obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. According to the FBI Einstein was associated with 34 communist organisations.

Einstein's dreams. A web site about the novel of the same name by A. Lightman.

Einstein's Nobel prize web site.