Getting Started

To get the most out of this interactive multimedia site, please take a moment to read the following.

Through Einstein's Eyes: Seeing Relativity is an interactive multimedia site introducing Einstein's special theory of relativity. The approach is visual, using animations to show how things look when we move at close to the speed of light.

  • First take the Main Tour by clicking on the "Take the tour" link in the navigation bar at left. Double-click on movies to play them.

  • The Main Tour opens with a rollercoaster ride, which exists in an imaginary slow light world, and ends with a tour of the solar system, which is realistic. The solar system videos have a voice commentary.

  • The Learning Centre, linked to in the navigation bar, provides information in depth. There is also a Learning Centre Tour.

  • Movies may take a few seconds to load. For more information about each movie, look at the "Movie explained".

Getting Quicktime

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