Craig, Michael, Antony, Francis, Paul.

This project was based in the Physics Department of the Australian National University.

Many people have helped. Those primarily responsible for this site are: Paul Altin, Francis Bennett, Michael Hush, Craig Savage and Antony Searle. Katie Dodds-Eden and Ben Weise developed proof of concept movies.

Thanks to the beta-testers whose feedback resulted in a much better site.

The starry background used in the solar system movies, and as the web page background, is 2001 Axel Mellinger, University of Potsdam, Germany.

The music for the introduction and rollercoaster is by Daniel Tuckerman. All other music is by QJUMPER, and appears courtesy of Floating Point Music.

Antony Searle created the Backlight relativistic raytracer used to create most of the movies in this site.

Organisations who supported us include: The ANU Faculty of Science, the ANU Supercomputer Facility, The Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing, and The Australian Institute of Physics.