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COSNet Partipants in the ACT

Among the 50 Founding Participants in the COSNet proposal, the following work in the ACT. Links to brief CVs for these researchers, plus those of many other ACT participants, may be found on the COSNet Central/CCS Node page.

Dr H.A. Abbass: Australian Defence Force Academy, UNSW, ACT
Dr T. Aste: Dept. of Applied Maths., RSPhysSE, ANU
Dr R. Ball: DTP, RSPhysSE, ANU
Professor M.T. Batchelor: DTP, RSPhysSE and CMA, MSI, ANU
Dr R.H. Bradbury: Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies (CRES), ANU
Professor R.L. Dewar, FAA: DTP, RSPhysSE, ANU
Professor G.D. Farquhar, FRS, FAA: Research School of Biological Sciences, ANU
Dr J.J. Finnigan: Director of the Centre for Complex Systems Science, CSIRO
Professor K.C. Freeman, FRS, FAA: Res. School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, ANU
Professor R.W. Griffiths, FAA: Research School of Earth Sciences, ANU
Dr M. Hegland: CMA, MSI, ANU
Dr M.R. Raupach: Land and Water, CSIRO
Professor R.E. Robson: DTP, RSPhysSE, ANU
Dr M.G. Shats: Plasma Research Lab., RSPhysSE, ANU
Mr P.A. Walker: Sustainable Ecosystems, CSIRO
Professor S.R. Wilson: CMA and Centre for Bioinformation Science, MSI, ANU

MSI = Mathematical Sciences Institute
CMA= Centre for Mathematics and its Applications
DTP= Department of Theoretical Physics