Pyfusion development roadmap

version 0.5

  • full documentation of existing code
  • efficient Dictionary of Arrays (DA) npz storage of >20Million Instances
  • big data sets (>20MI) selectively extractable from pytables .h5 files
  • fftw3 for Fourier

version 0.6

  • python 2/3 compatible
  • local .npz storage implemented in acqusition/base to work on all devices
  • signal amplitudes able to be extracted from flucstrucs
  • re-implement Heliotron-J interface

version 0.7

  • implement W7X interface including gas, currents, ECE
  • fix coordinate code to work with W7X, both direct and cached data
  • metadata API (access to B_0, heating power)
  • error estimation for LP data
  • Correlation for probe data with other signals (so far only in a script)
  • save to CSV, JSON
  • generic mini summary

version 0.8

  • clustering interface
  • capability for efficient I/O (text file?) while doing (multi-process) pre-processing, and put back into sql asynchronously.
  • allow separate configuration files for different devices, etc.
  • Switch to SafeConfigParser (with Extended Interpolation in 0.7? - but this works only in python 3)

version 0.9

  • re-implement TJII, W7-AS interfaces
  • more of Shaun’s clustering

version 1.0

  • full feature compatibility with original version