OIL SQUIRTER JETS for piston cooling- Volvo B230 Turbo Pics by Anthony Hyde

Oil squirters consist of four special banjo bolts, four jets and eight copper washers, and are aimed at the underside of the piston. The special banjo bolts contain a check valve so they only spray above a certain system pressure (higher than idle)
As to exactly what year and model turbo engines were fitted with them is not easy to answer, as owners have reported different things. Late 1994 onwards engines will have them fitted, and earlier 91/92 years often have the bosses drilled, and fitted with plugs.
Only a physical inspection can verify fittment - meaning removal of the oil pan to see if nozzles are visible at the bottom edge of each bore, on the right-hand side of the engine. Or if you can borrow a flexible optical view probe that can be inserted through the oil pan drain hole.

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