April 2007 - Engine B230FT 4 cyl, 2.32 L - Max Power at rear wheels @ 15 psi boost = 171.8 kW (x 1.34) = 230.3 hp (I'm happy)
Standard engine internals, but many changes to externals: Haltech E6K full engine management (MAP sensor), IPD Turbo CAM, Turbocharger - Garrett GTBB25 (A/R .60), 3" mandrel exhaust, Large intercooler, CDI Ignition, different ignition distributor, big injectors.
Graph info: Top lines is HP, bottom lines are AFR (air/fuel Ratio) under full boost. Blue line is first power run of the day, higher Green line is after mapping improvements. On right side of graph is scale for AFR (air/fuel Ratio)
By comparison a standard Volvo B230FT output is 121 kW or 165 hp at engine.
A friends B230FT with enhanced bits +MoTec M800 @ 15psi = 175 kW or 235 hp

Old original Dyno chart after initial istallation in 1999

Dyno Dynamics chassis dynamometer (Rolling road) output with a 4th Gear acceleration run from 70 kmh

Graph shows: Power (kW) vs Road speed (kmh 4th gear) vs Tractive Effort (tyre's rotational force onto dyno roller)

 Engine B230FT 4 cyl, 2.32 L - Max Power at rear wheels @ 14 psi boost = 138 kW (x 1.34) = 185 hp

Changes: Haltech E6K full engine management (MAP sensor), - Volvo VX3 Cam , Turbo is ball bearing Garrett GTBB25 (A/R .60),
3" exhaust.

- Maximum acceleration at any speed occurs at the HP peak.

- Maximum acceleration in any gear occurs at the torque peak

Power = Torque x engine rpm

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