A standard 'commando' style alloy bumper weighs 17 kg (37.4 lbs). Even the top decorative rubber from chassis to bumper weighs 1 kg (2.2 lbs).
A modern 1981-on bumper weighs approximately half at 8.5 kg (18.7 lbs).

To fit the later 1981- model bumper, I had to remove the above rubber strip. Just filed a few existing slots to position at correct height. Had to muck around with "one" of the arms as the securing bolt didn't line up for some reason.


< Picture - For the track only, source a 1981-on bumper and use the plastic outer shell. Discard the alloy. The ultra-light 240 plastic bumper shell weighs only 2.3 kg (5 lbs). Make alloy rods to screw into standard body M8 threaded nuts. Fits quite nicely.


Front bumper (incl. spoiler) - 'commando' 16 kg (35.2 lbs).
1981-on Alloy/plastic 11 kg (24.2 lbs)

The later 240 model alloy / plastic front bumper with spoiler can be fitted to replace the 'commando' unit. This involves just a few fitting hours. Purchase the spoiler and support arms that insert into chassis, plus the tow hook as its much shorter. Comes close to fitting straight on, do some filing of the arm slots to get optimum height against rubber strip. Need to trim existing rubber strip at ends only to match new bumper. On the end wings inside the plastic bumper there is a sliding clip - spray this with penetrating oil so it slides easily back and forth, and this makes it a lot easier to line up the M6 screw hole with the fender hole.

The streamlined shape makes the effort worthwhile. With both front and rear upgrades, the car is approx 4" (100 mm) shorter in length !!!!

This custom spoiler extension attaches to the standard front spoiler, reducing airflow under the car. Track use only, benefit was inconclusive.

3.5 degree negative camber for track days
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