Volvo TURBO Exhaust Manifolds - Standard & Custom versions by Anthony Hyde 3/2007 - Updated 1/2014

Volvo Turbo Manifold - NEWER Tubular design 1990 onward. Claimed +10 hp gain over older version - Suits Mitsubishi TD turbos as it has a round recess STEP. The manifold can be prone to cracks at the rear where the 4 ports intersect.
To fit a Garrett TB03, the flange requires machining out to match turbo and the flange mount face made flat.
If fitting a larger heavier turbo / manifold that sits further outward, re- tap cylinder head stud holes from M8 to M10.

Unusual crack point on the cast iron newer style cast tubular manifold
(overheated & cracked as fuel mixture was too lean under boost)

Volvo Turbo Manifold - OLDER Slim and strong design Cast iron
1981-90. Suits Garrett TB03 turbo - View from top

Older 'log style manifold' - Suits Garrett TB03

Volvo - Older style, Rear. Note screw port for oxygen sensor at bottom - M18x1.5.

Volvo Turbo Exhaust Manifolds - Summary by AH

B21 T Older suits Garrett T25

# 1346992*

K-N1 35, LS - not tapped for heat shield

Older manifold - suits Garrett TB03

# 1276998
# 132680.. TB25

GGG NISICR-3552, 43111, has thread for oxy sensor

B21FT Older manifold TB03

# 1348992

not tapped for the oxy sensor nor heat shield

B21FT Older manifold TB03

# 1336237

is tapped for oxy sensor & heat shield

B230FT - Late model 1990+ suits Mitsub

# 3514440

Info - best for flow, small mod to fit Garrett

B230FT - Late model Mitsub 1991 940

# 3514275

K-NI 35 042 and "LS" on top

# fittted to Garrett TB03 (87 740)

# 1346992*

*same part # as older ..992 types

SAM (Steffansson Auto) manifold Mitsub

# 3316373

no egr

Stud M 8 x 1.25

# 953049

Flange Nut M 8 x 1.25

# 985868

Exhaust Manifold gasket to cylinder head (pack of 4) All heads

# 271704

Current 2014

Dimensions of Exhaust Manifold flanges for Garrett T3 and T25:

Garrett TB03 mount flange has four attachment STUDS on rectangle 85 mm x 45 mm c/c apart - typical flange outside dimensions are approx. 90 mm x 82 mm

Garrett T25 mount flange has four attachment STUDS on rectangle 72 mm x 40 mm c/c apart - typical flange outside dimensions are approx. 92 mm x 62 mm


Custom 240 Turbo 8 Valve exhaust header (+big turbo) on Left Hand Drive 240

Stainless Steel B230 header

Note: separate pipe flange for remote wastegate

8V B21/23/230 Volvo 240 TURBO MANIFOLD
- Three VIEWS - Click
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Manifold construction by Ilija Vrankovic (Junior), A Class Volvo, Sydney, Australia
Made for RH drive, the manifold piping is biased forward to create room to mount the turbo
and separate external wastegate. After the turbo a 3" dia exhaust pipe routes past the steering column.

Pic - FSl in Sweden

Marc wanted an high - up front manifold for his RHD 240.
Manifold fabricated by Ilija Vrankovic, Sydney, Australia
CLICK pic to Enlarge

Marc A. - with turbo big 04 Garrett fitted.
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